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Low Cost SSL Certificates Are Here!

Online shoppers are demanding security for their transactions. The Secure Socket Layer (or SSL) protocol has become the universal language for encrypting information. An SSL certificate from CheapToRegister offers SSL certificates which are the gold standard in online security and consumer peace of mind. Get real 128-bit SSL certificates in ten minutes or less. Quick Validation SSL certificates ensure that information is encrypted between parties.

Are You Ahead of the Curve?
Quick Validation SSL certificates ensure that information is encrypted between parties. The owner of the certificate is verified via an email to a contact listed in the domain’s WHOIS information. This helps to ensure that the certificate is valid. A Quick Validation certificate ensures that your data is transferred with the secure encryption technology.

SBS SSL Certificates start from only $29.95/year. A quick and a cost effective starter certificate that provides complete 128-bit encryption. This new product is perfect for companies and individuals wanting to get up and running with SSL quickly and easily.

What is SSL?
SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. SSL is the encryption standard for Internet traffic. When someone on the Internet wants to send data securely, they use SSL encryption to accomplish it. Without SSL, any data sent over the Internet can be easily intercepted by third parties.

What is a Digital Certificate?
A digital certificate verifies you are who you claim to be. Having a certificate means that an organization, called a Certificate Authority (such as SBS), has verified the identity of the parties involved.

Why should I choose SBS certificates?
Secure Business Services is a bargain! You get the top-quality, 128-bit SSL encrypted certificates that everyone else uses, but for much lower prices.
SBS also offer Full Validation SSL Certificates. Full Validation SSL certificates also encrypt data sent between two parties with the same encryption technology. However, in addition to verifying an email to the WHOIS contacts, Full Validation certificates additionally verify that the certificate owner is a legal entity. Verifiable legal entities can be either a business or an individual. Full validation certificates therefore help to ensure that data is securely sent over the Internet to a trusted entity.

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