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Expired Domain Names

Great domain names are becoming increasingly scarce. Close to 23 million ".com" names have been registered, and over 22 thousand are being purchased every day.

It means that you're more likely to win the lottery than find a good domain name.

Owning a domain name that helps to successfully "magnetize" a flood of traffic is like gold to any online business.

Memorable domains are hot commodities

But the increasing scarcity of domain names that are memorable, short and suggestive have turned them into hot commodities. Look at some of the recent acquisitions in domain names:

- sold for $7.5 million
- sold for $5 million
- sold for $3.3 million
- sold for $3 million
- sold for $2.2 million
- sold for $1.03 million
- sold for $835,000
- sold for $825,000
- sold for $700,000
- sold for $450,000
- sold for $199,000
- sold for $160,000
- sold for $94,000

However, while some domains may have been sold for millions, corporate buyers backed by large bank accounts are not alone in the domain name game. Even entrepreneurs and speculators are making a good living in buying and selling domains.

Everyday, domain names are selling for as little as $100 or as much as $1 million on public auction sites. For example, recently featured actual bids for as little as $500 for "" to as much as $20,000 for "" -- and thousands more hovering anywhere in between.

Untapped goldmine

Some individuals seem to know where to grab these "nuggets of gold." In fact, a handful know about an untapped goldmine that lies discreetly tucked away in the dark corners of the Internet.

And the awareness of this source has helped these "lucky" individuals generate either outrageous fortunes or outrageous levels of traffic for their website.

The goldmine to which I'm referring is the pool of expired and soon-to-expire domain names.

While only a few people may be privy to its existence, it is nonetheless ballooning with every passing day. As much as tens of thousands of unclaimed, unrenewed and expired domain names become available on a daily basis.

Why do domain names expire?

An expired domain is one that was registered previously but wasn't paid for in time for the renewal date, so returning it to the pool of available domains.

There are many reasons for non-renewal. For example the owner forgot, lost interest in the venture, was no longer in business, or wasn't reachable or just didn't pay for it for whatever reason.

However, you may be asking, "Sure, but I'm never going to find good domain names let alone do so before someone else snatches them up."

For a long time, being "lucky" also meant being alert for the countless domains that become available, and being swift in registering them before anyone else does.

Useful new tool to find and register expired domains

However, new tools are now available, making the process of searching, finding and registering great domain names a lot easier.

One of the best and most useful expired domain name tools I have come across is from Bizmint which offers its members a unique twist to the .com revolution by supplying an online database which informs people on the domains that are about to expire and become available - the perfect way to pick up a superb .com domain with minimal effort! 

There are over 850,000 secretive, newly expired domain names up for grabs. You can search the database, have the daily domain additions emailed to you and lots more -- definitely something no Internet marketer should be without!

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